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Boo-dwar? Bo-dir? Boo-dwah?”

I get it. “Boudoir” is hard to pronounce, and even harder to remember how to spell. I’ve heard it called it all kinds of things: Lingerie pictures. Sexy photoshoot. Intimate Portraits. Sexy glamour shots. Or (this one’s my favorite) Classy Nudes!

Whatever you call it, it’s an amazing experience and a huge confidence boost! Trust me, you’re going to love it!

Your Signature Boudoir Experience

Your experience begins the moment you book your session. I’ll send you my Dream Shoot Planer and my Style Guide, so you have all the tools you need to prepare for your session day. If you have questions that aren’t answered in the guide, I’m always just a text or phone call away. I’m here to support you through out your journey with Luminesce. I’ll also send you a questionnaire where you can tell me exactly what you’re envisioning for your session. 


11 am

After all the preparations, your session day is finally here!!! When you arrive at the studio, My Style Team and I will meet you at the door and whisk you over to the hair and makeup station. You’ll enjoy a complimentary beverage while my hair and makeup artist glams you up. We’ll hype you up about your session and remind you that you’ve absolutely got this!

12:30 pm

You’ll get to show off the outfits you brought (you get to wear up to four!), and then it’s time for your photoshoot! Don’t worry about needing to know any poses. I’ll pose you from head to toe, showing you how to point your toes, how to arch your back, and even directing your facial expressions. I’ve extensively studied posing bodies of all sizes, so no matter your body type, I know just how to capture your best features.

All my clients tell me this is the most fun part of the experience! I’ll mix up my left and right (probably more than once haha), and try to make you laugh with my cheesy jokes. And all the attention will be on YOU. You’ll basically get to be a celebrity for the day!

2:00 pm

I’ll ask you to step away from the studio to grab a bite to eat or treat yourself to a tasty dessert at a nearby bistro while I lightly edit your photos. After all that posing, you’ll be glad for a chance to unwind!

4:00 pm

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART!!! You’ll come back to the studio that same afternoon for a private Image Reveal and Ordering Session. You’ll get to see all your jaw-dropping images, and I’ll get to see you call completely in love with yourself. 

You’ll get to choose your favorites to purchase, either as digitals, or printed in one of my beautiful print products. I highly recommend ordering one of my Luxury Albums. They’re simply STUNNING, and girl, you’ve gotta have a way to display all your amazing images of yourself!

If you’re asking yourself “What do I wear for a boudoir shoot” or “Should I shave my legs for a boudoir session?” then girl I gotchu! My Style Guide goes over all the details from where to buy lingerie for your boudoir session to other outfit ideas that aren’t lingerie. My Dream Shoot Planner answers questions like if should get your nails done before your boudoir session, do you need to tan before your boudoir session (spoiler alert: you don’t!), and should you shave or wax your legs before your boudoir session.

I’ll send you both guides once you’re booked, so you’ll have all the important details!

“I was worried I wouldn’t like ANY of my photos, but I actually had a hard time narrowing them down!”

~Beauty A

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