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Boudoir Photography
in Jacksonville, FL

Woman wearing a velvet robe and no bra, posing for her boudoir photoshoot.
Woman with glasses posing for her boudoir photoshoot
woman in neon lingerie
woman in pink lingerie and red lipstick
Woman with red bra playing with her hair in a bathtub

When was the last time you felt truly Beautiful?

Your beautiful smile… Your soft curves…. Your unique stretch marks and scars… The way your hair perfectly frames your face… The light in your eyes when something truly delights you… Every part of you is a breathtaking work of art.

And you deserve to see it.

Book a Signature Boudoir Experience with Luminesce Boudoir to finally see your own beauty, just as you are.


-Audrey Hepburn

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir: /boo-dwar/ n. An intimate style of portraiture that captures subjects in a sensual setting. Subjects usually wear lingerie, intimate apparel, or sometimes nothing at all!

Boudoir is about celebrating YOU,
just as you are

Woman in red lingerie

Book a Boudoir Session to:

Celebrate your
Unique Beauty

Revel in your glamorous transformation at the hands of our professional hair and makeup artists

Unleash your
Inner Goddess

Unlock your feminine power with the help of my posing expertise and four irresistible outfits during your 90 minute photoshoot

Fall in Love
with Yourself

Forever admire your favorite images in a stunning handcrafted album or timeless wall art 

What Happens When I Book a Boudoir Session?

Your luxury boudoir session will take place at my in-home boudoir studio in Jacksonville, FL. It's a fun-filled day with professional hair and makeup, sexy poses, and an empowering confidence boost!

1. Let's Chat

Fill out the contact form below. I'll schedule a phone call with you to go over all the details for your Signature Boudoir Experience.

2. Book your date

You'll get access to my Boudoir Style Guide and Boudoir Session Prep Guide as soon as you've booked your session.

3. Hair and Makeup

On your session day, my artists will give you the best Boudoir Hair and Makeup Look that feels authentic to you.

4. Photoshoot

During your two-hour boudoir photoshoot, I'll teach you the best sexy boudoir poses, and even how to do the best facial expressions for your boudoir pictures.

5. Fall in Love with YOU

You'll get to see your sexy boudoir pictures on the SAME DAY as your photoshoot! You're going to fall completely in love with yourself.

6. Design your album

Choose your favorite images to be printed in a beautiful handbound boudoir album. I also offer stunning wall art and matted prints!

Is a Boudoir Session Right for Me?

Jacksonville, FL Boudoir Session

YES! At Luminesce, we photograph adult women and femmes of all ages and body types! Book a boudoir session if you are ready to:

🤍 Honor recent changes in your body

🤍 Celebrate a meaningful life event

🤍 Give an intimate gift to a partner

🤍 Recover from a harmful relationship

🤍 Feel sexy in your own skin

🤍 Love yourself just as you are

Love Notes

Young woman with brown eyes leaning against a bathtub in a boudoir session

Beauty D

“It was my first ever session and I left feeling so confident! The pictures were so stunning!”

Woman with lip piercing and cherry blossom tattoo in boudoir studio

Beauty V

“The woman in those pictures was undeniably me. A side of me I hadn’t seen photographed before.”

Woman in green sparkly gown, feathers, and diamond necklace smiling

Beauty Z

“Deborah is excellent at posing and made me feel so comfortable. I’m thrilled with the results and highly recommend.”



Maybe you were told your body is too curvy, too tempting, too tall, too thin…

You are not alone.

So. Many. Women. Have been taught to be ashamed of our bodies. We’ve been told there’s one perfect mold that defines who a woman should be, and we don’t measure up. But do you wanna know something? It’s. Not. True. None of it!

Your body is amazing and so deeply worthy of love and belonging. Your sensuality and sexuality are a beautiful part of you. You deserve to feel confident and sexy in your own skin, and I’m here to help you on that journey. At Luminesce, we celebrate every part of you. Because you’re so worth it.


-Suzanne Hayn

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so nervous! Are you sure I can do this?

ABSOLUTELY! It’s SO normal to feel nervous when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, but I promise you CAN do this! I’ll be here every step of the way to make sure you feel supported and comfortable.

Would it be better if I get in shape first?

Listen… the whole POINT of the Body Love Project is that you are worthy just as you are. Ten years from now, you won’t look back and wish you had waited for the “right time” for this experience. You’ll just be proud of yourself that you did it!

Are you going to photoshop me?

I NEVER use photoshop to change the shape of your body. I WILL photoshop away anything that isn’t a permanent part of your body- things like acne, scratches, or bruises. I’m not here to “make you beautiful”. I’m here to show you that you are absolutely stunning, just as you are!

but what if I don't know how to be sexy?

Girl, I gotchu! When it comes to posing and facial expressions, I know just how to guide you into showing off the sexy vixen inside of you. And trust me, there IS a sexy side of you! I’ll direct you through every pose, even getting down and posing with you!

How do I decide what to wear for my session?

In a nutshell, Wear what makes you feel beautiful! Once you’re booked, you’ll be getting my 14 page Style Guide that guides you through styling your outfits. There’s so many fun and sexy ways to highlight your best features and show off your personality!

Do I get to use those gorgeous wings??

YESSS!! The wings are available as a free upgrade when you prepay for a product collection! You’ll get to choose from a list of available add-ons including my blush or charcoal angel wings, a birthday cupcake and balloons, gold leaf, a honey drip, and more!

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