Woman in blue floral lingerie, leaning over black sofa

Meet Ashtyn, a gorgeous woman who decided to be a part of the Body Love Project. She was the very first to sign up, because she wanted to tell her story of triumph over an eating disorder. Ashtyn bravely shared with me her journey of reclaiming her body and cultivating healthier habits. “My body has changed (in my eyes) significantly in the past year. For a while I had unhealthy eating and gym habits. I’ve worked hard on trying to develop healthier habits and expectations for physical health. Because of that, I am at a healthy weight again! I’ve wanted to do a boudoir shoot to help celebrate this success.”

Ashtyn arrived at my studio on the big day super excited for her boudoir session (and a little bit nervous!) My talented Hair and Makeup Artist set to work, creating the perfect soft and natural look. Throughout her makeover, Ashtyn’s excitement continued to build. When we started, she admitted to still having some nerves, but once we started shooting, all of that went away! When I checked in a few minutes after we started shooting, she said, “I think I’m having too much fun to be nervous!” That’s the magic of a boudoir session! It helps you feel comfortable, confident, and brings out the best version of yourself.

Ashtyn’s reaction during the reveal was absolutely priceless!!! She kept saying, “I’m so surprised I like this photo!” It was beautiful to watch her fall even more in love with herself, right before my eyes. As she looked through her images, she confessed, “I was worried I wouldn’t like ANY of them, but I actually had a hard time narrowing them down!”

At the end of the day, Ashtyn told me “I stepped outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible, and I’m so excited about the outcome today.” This is why I do what I do. I really believe every woman should have the experience of looking at yourself and being absolutely blown away by who you ses. Every woman should get to look at a gallery of photos and love all of them so much it’s hard to eliminate any at all. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident.

To those who may feel hesitant about booking a boudoir session, Ashtyn’s advice is to take the leap without hesitation. “Go for it because you’re going to have so much fun. All your nerves will vanish, and you’ll feel incredibly confident about yourself, no matter how you felt when you walked in the door!” Ashtyn’s experience embodies the spirit of the Body Love Project – embracing oneself, celebrating every milestone, and empowering others through her story.