Woman wearing robe

So you’ve decided on four outfits, and you want to make them more YOU. You might be asking “what are the best accessories for a boudoir session?” Well. You’re in luck! I’m going to give you 5 different ideas of accessories to incorporate into your boudoir photoshoot.

ONE. Jewelry! Adding jewelry to your outfit is one of the easiest ways to personalize your look. Wear sentimental pieces- like the locket your guy gave you on your first date- or statement pieces- like a glamorous chunky body chain.

TWO Shoes! Am I the only one with an addiction to shoes? Please say I’m not! Lol. If you’re going for a girl-next-door look, your favorite converse pair perfectly with a screen print tee or oversized sweater. If you want the sexiest heels ever, go for the a tall, skinny stiletto heel to create long, toned leg lines. Ankle strap and pointy toe optional.

THREE. Your favorite fandom. I mean. You can’t wear a fandom. But bring things that represent the fandom! In my own boudoir session, I brought a sonic screwdriver and tardis, and in the couple’s session I did with my husband we wore matching lobster underwear! (Because He’s my Lobster. Get it? Like in FRIENDS? My lobster…? You get it.)

FOUR. Your partner’s shirt! Speaking of partners, your partner will lose their mind if you wear their work shirt or favorite tshirt for your session. I wore my guy’s dance performance shirt when I had a boudoir session for a wedding gift, and his eyes just about popped out of his head!!

FIVE. A scarf or robe. I had two clients in a row bring in stunning, unique pieces that they had purchased during their travels abroad. One brought a hand woven pashmina shawl from Spain, and the other brought a handcrafted velvet robe from Dubai. Let me tell you, we created some MAGICAL images. Even if your robe wasn’t handcrafted in Dubai, though, a robe or a scarf are perfect accessories for a boudoir session, especially if you want a few images that are a little more covered up.

Well, those are some of my favorites. If you want to see how other clients have accessorized their outfits, check out my Gallery Page!