woman in red gown

Okay, if you’re like me, then you know EXACTLY how it feels to spend 45 minutes creating the perfect makeup look, then accidentally touch your eyelid with the mascara wand and have to either try to cover it up somehow or wipe it off and start over. 😭 And is it me, or are mascara wands 10 times more likely to fight me when I’m on a time crunch and trying to get ready for an important event. 😒

I don’t want this struggle for you. I don’t want you torn between arriving late and missing out on part of your session or coming in with a makeup look you just don’t love. I want you to feel fabulous and confident on your session day! Not stressed and frustrated with flyaways or trying to pick the right lip color.

Which is why all my sessions include complimentary professional hair and makeup services! My artists are skilled in a variety of looks from soft and natural to full glam. They work with a broad range of skin tones and hair textures and will get your looking INCREDIBLE for your session! And they know which brands are the most camera-friendly, so your makeup doesn’t shift colors in camera. Of course, if all-natural is more your jam, you’re certainly not obligated to wear makeup. Personally, though, I think it’s kinda fun to just relax while my stylists get you all dolled up! Plus, I love getting to sit and chat with you while my stylists are working their magic. 🙂 By the time we start actually taking pictures, I want you to feel comfortable with me and with the space, because the more comfortable you are, the more 🔥🔥🔥 your images will be! 😉